Couple rescues 3700 dogs from high-kill shelters

As many animal lovers know, high-kill shelters present a systemic issue that takes millions of lives each year. Fortunately, organizations like Tracy’s Dogs are doing their part to end this tragedy.

Tracy and Scott Whyatt created Tracy’s Dogs in 2011 when Tracy was placed on furlough from her previous position. The couple knew they wanted to devote themselves to a better future for dogs around the country.

And they have succeeded. Since 2011, Tracy and Scott have saved over 3700 dogs from high-kill shelters. Not only that, but they have also found all of those dogs happy, loving forever homes.

To find homes for the dogs, Tracy goes to high-kill shelters and rescues the animals. After making sure the dogs are healthy, she and her team prepare the dog for adoption and bring them to their waiting families.

Many of these dogs are animals who would not have seen the light of day without their help. Animal lovers who purchased dogs from Tracy’s Dogs can also feel good knowing that their money is going to a positive cause.

“And when people are adopting a dog from us, I really want them to understand that they’re adopting that dog, but they’re really saving three dogs’ lives,” said one passionate volunteer.

Tracy, Scott, and all the volunteers at Tracy’s Dogs make a difference every time they step out the door. “It’s really one of the best feelings in the world,” said Scott. “You might have a poker face, but it’s all butterflies riding up here.”

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Couple rescues 3700 dogs from high-kill shelters