Otters game the system with extreme cuteness

In a lovely home, a human tries to learn dice stacking under the watchful eye of his two otter friends. The two otters are Hana and Kotaro. They are both playful, helpful and love to watch their friends try new things.

Dice stacking involves getting lined-up dice into a cup and then shaking them around to create a stack. It has to be done by picking up the dice one by one.

After several attempts, the human still can’t get it right, even under the supervision of Hana. She tells him to use centrifugal force, but the dice stack continues to escape him.

Hana grows frustrated, and Kotaro takes a look at what is going on. Kotaro starts to play with the dice to keep up morale. A few moments pass, and the otters can’t find the human.

The human returns, and he can suddenly dice stack successfully. He does it again and again without fail. Both Hana and Kotaro are amazed that he got better so quickly.

In reality, the human stepped away to do research and study into how to properly dice stack. He didn’t want to upset his otter friends.

Hana and Kotaro were impressed, and after a long day of activities, it was time to rest. It took a lot out of them to help their friend learn a new trick.

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Otters game the system with extreme cuteness