Baby monkey ‘BiBi’ lulls duckling and cat to sleep – so sweet!

Baby monkey 'BiBi'

Bibi, the baby monkey, spends the day hanging out with Ody the cat and her duckling friend. Ody is wearing a bright red shirt while Bibi is in a black and white striped outfit.

Ody and Bibi are hanging out and playing together before they share some food. They politely eat while being fed from a small spoon, and both of them happily fill themselves with the delicious snack.

After they eat, Ody lays on the ground, and Bibi climbs on top of him. They move over to a small house where they nap beside each other, and it is a tight space they seem to enjoy.

While they sleep soundly, Bibi ends up falling asleep on top of Ody, who isn’t bothered at all. If anything, they look more comfortable in their new sleeping positions.

Ody is off somewhere else when Bibi wakes up, but she has another visitor, her little yellow duckling friend. Bibi pets the duck and gives him soft kisses on the beak.

She even grooms the duckling pulling at his soft and exciting wings. The duckling seems a bit confused but continues to let Bibi pick through his feathers.

Eventually, they end up falling asleep and cuddling together. Bibi wraps his arms around the duck as they continue to dream and regain their energy. It’s an excellent day for Bibi and her friends.

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Baby monkey \'BiBi\' lulls duckling and cat to sleep – so sweet!