Two cats help review a top-of-the-line automatic litter box

Mallory and her two cats take the time to review an automatic litter box called the Litter-Robot III with Connect. Over two weeks, she tested it closely and took meticulous notes.

Using a rotating motion, it has excellent sifting performance and odor control. It has a globe-shaped contraption with a litter bed at the bottom. A sensor detects when a cat is inside, but it doesn’t always work.

The best litter to use with the box is anything with medium grain and hard clumping. Other litter tended to stick and required more cleaning. It may be awkward to fill the box because of the shape of the opening.

Only one of Mallory’s cats preferred using the Litter-Robot. Forest took to it because she liked confined spaces, and her other cat Wessie found it too cramped. Since Forest was the only one using it, Mallory only threw out the waste once a week.

The entire device needs cleaning once every 3 months, and it is easy to take apart and put back together. Also, it comes with a particular app that allows for more control over the Litter-Robot.

With the app, you can monitor the cat’s usage, which provides essential health insights. You can trigger manual cleanings and even connect it with other smart appliances.

In Mallory’s case, it wasn’t the best for her household because only one of the cats ended up using it. But it can still be worth it for other homes, mainly because it saves a lot of time.

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Two cats help review a top-of-the-line automatic litter box