Watch an egg turn into a goose in this amazing timelapse footage

In the Gold Shaw Farm, the goose is the most majestic, stately, and impressive animal. The farmer shows what it is like for a goose to grow up, starting from an egg all the way to when they are considered to be adults.

A goose egg is gigantic compared to eggs of other farm birds such as chickens and ducks. Some eggs will be hatched by mothers, while others will be taken care of in an incubator.

The hatcher must be meticulous with the incubator. It should have the proper humidity, temperature, and rotation of the egg to ensure that the embryo develops correctly. Around 29 days later, the gosling will start to hatch.

This hatching process is the first test the gosling must go through. It is difficult and will require a lot of effort on their part. It is a miraculous moment, but not all of them will make it.

Goose are grazing animals like sheep and cows. Goslings must learn to graze while they are very young. Once they start to eat, they rarely stop, and they grow incredibly quickly.

At four weeks old, they spend more time outside hanging out with older geese or other birds. Finally, at eight weeks they are an adult. A lot of sunshine and fresh grass is suitable for their growth.

The geese are then sorted, some to be butchered while the others are for laying more eggs. It may seem sad to some, but the farmer appreciates the cycle and life of the farm.

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Watch an egg turn into a goose in this amazing timelapse footage