Small dogs have their biggest private day at the farm

Biggest Small Dog Day at the farm

Small dogs of several breeds spent the day playing and celebrating birthdays at the Doggy Daycare Farm Trips. They swam at the dam, chased each other on the grass, and dove into a pool.

The birthday celebrants were Daphne the Jack Russell Terrier, who turned four. Kinnie, the Mini Schnauzer, had her first birthday, and Ruby the Cavoodle was three years old.

On an obstacle course, Luke rode on a small motorbike. The dogs chased him, running as fast as they could with their tiny legs. They happily did laps along with him.

At the pool, some dogs even wore vests so they could swim. They would dive in, trying to catch a lure that Luke held from a rod, and he even got in to swim with some of them.

After their swim, they were given baths in batches because most could fit in the tubs together. Once they were all clean, they started some of the celebrations.

They had a tea party for Daphne where all the dogs got delicious treats. Kinnie had a private lure season, and Ruby was taken to the pool for a private swimming lesson.

All dogs at the doggy daycare are given all the love and attention they deserve. Everyone was happy, and tails only stopped wagging when they had a restful sleep after an eventful day.

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Small dogs have their biggest private day at the farm