Pig repeatedly disconnects vacuum cleaner

Pig disconnects vacuum cleaner

This smart pig just wasn’t enjoying all that vacuum noise. The little fella is always around to pull out the power cord whenever his human starts to vacuum.

Pets really make us so happy and satisfied with life which can sometimes be boring. This is especially so if you have a pet full of drama like Arnold the pig.

We all hated hearing the sound of the vacuum cleaner when we were young and Arnold is no different. He just can’t stand the noisy appliance.

Whenever his owner turns on the vacuum to clean, Arnold is always there ready to shut it off. The little guy just walks over to the switch and unplugs the vacuum cleaner.

What’s most amazing about this is how gentle the little fella is. He slowly pulls out the cable as if he has been trained for it. This sure has to relieve his human since we wouldn’t want Arnold damaging anything.

With over thirty-three thousand views, most people would agree that this adorable pig is hilarious and also quite awesome to watch. Pets really do deserve all the love.

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Pig repeatedly disconnects vacuum cleaner