Mama cat proudly brings kitten to human mom in heart-melting video

When you hear the short phrase “steal a kitten,” the image of a person stealing an innocent cat probably pops into your mind. Well, there is a routine kitten thief in this video, but she’s not as nefarious as you may be thinking.

Mama kitty, also known as Summer, apparently has a thing for stealing her fellow cat’s kittens. Once she grabs them, she brings them over to her human mom, presenting them as a sort of gift.

This is absolutely adorable, although it likely annoys her fellow mother felines. However, the situation is a bit different in this video, as Summer hasn’t stolen a kitten this time.

Actually, the kitten she’s presenting @pearlsragdolls with is her own. The proud mama cat has plopped the little one down on the blanket, and that’s where the adorable video begins.

“Thank you for the kitten,” @pearlsragdolls tells Summer. The mama cat meows in response, seeming happy that her “gift” has been well-received. However, when Pearl informs Summer that she’ll need to bring the kitten downstairs, it doesn’t go over as well.

Summer meows again, in a tone that almost sounds like “no.”. Pear continues to tell her that the kitten will have to go downstairs, and Summer’s meows get louder. It seems like she’s spouting out precious protests.

Well, the kitten will likely end up downstairs soon, but we don’t think that will stop Summer. If this well-known kitten thief keeps up with her usual antics, we’re sure Pearl will be presented with another tiny kitten soon enough.


Reply to @lamonroe22 Summer just wants to spend time with both me and the kittens

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Mama cat proudly brings kitten to human mom in heart-melting video