Corgi’s Sweet Reaction to Mom Bringing Her Bed Outside for Her Is Too Precious

This video takes place in a backyard, pointed at a large bed of rocks that are just beyond the edge of the brick patio.
We can see a lone Corgi (whose name is Willow) relaxing in the bright sunlight.

“My dog was sunbathing on the hot rocks,” the automated narrator says. “So I brought her bed out to lay her on.” We can see this Corgi’s mama, Devon, as she passes the camera, doggy bed in hand.

Devon goes over to Willow, placing the large, white bed in front of her. The woman pats the top of the bed, encouraging Willow to jump onto the cooler surface.

Her puppy doesn’t quite seem to understand what Devon is trying to get her to do, so the woman gets down next to her and gently nudges her over to the bed.

The Corgi gets up on the bed and lies down once more. Willow seems at peace, enjoying the sunlight on a softer, cool surface. Devon ensures Willow is comfortable, giving her back scratches and a little hug.

Willow seems to appreciate this gesture. She turns her head around, seeming to say “thank you” with a little head nuzzle. Now that Devon knows that her Corgi is comfortable, she can let her go back to enjoying the sun.

A few viewers have asked the question: did Willow end up staying in bed? The video ends here, so, unfortunately, we’ll never know. However, with as caring of a mom as Devon seems to be, we’re sure Willow enjoyed the rest of her sunbathing session, with plenty of resting places to choose from!


♬ original sound – Devon Noehring

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Corgi’s Sweet Reaction to Mom Bringing Her Bed Outside for Her Is Too Precious