6-year-old dog whisperer finds lost dogs when the others fail

Meet Morgan Topping, a six-year-old girl of Morgan Hill, California, with a strong affinity for animals, particularly dogs. But, you won’t believe that Meghan’s actions helped save Daisy, a German shepherd dog that had been lost for months.

Meghan’s interactions with Daisy earned her the ‘dog whisperer’ title, and she feels comfortable with the name tag. Daisy escaped from her new home after adoption from a shelter in Hollister.

However, the individuals searching Daisy reached out to Meghan for assistance. Meghan had established a close relationship with dogs as she was raised around them all her life. Her home doubles up as an adoptive shelter for dogs.

In one of her playful moments, Daisy escaped from her new family through the backyard and went missing for months. Just like other feline friends (mainly German shepherds), Daisy was a bit frisky.

Daisy’s new family revealed that their dog had gone missing in a Hollister Animal Lost and Found Facebook group post. However, it didn’t take long before one of the group’s members reported that Daisy had been located in the neighborhood.

The search mission continued for two months without bearing fruit. Finally, reaching Meghan was the only alternative the family could use to get Daisy back. It was coincident that Daisy was a former foster dog at Meghan’s home and had established ties with the 6-year-old. Meghan’s family drove to the adopter’s home to help find Daisy.

It was a great surprise how Meghan moved through the woods to convince Daisy that it was time to go home. Daisy couldn’t wait to move to Meghan, thanks to her special dog whispering talent. Daisy got a special reunion with her family.

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6-year-old dog whisperer finds lost dogs when the others fail