Dog won’t stop barking at plug — mom touches it and realizes everyone’s in danger

Willow is a 10-month old Great Pyrenees pup that is always ready to protect her family. The little dog can get a little crazy at times. Nonetheless, Willow never hesitates to show love and affection to her family, particularly Caitlyn, her owner.

Caitlyn describes Willow as a real snuggle who’s always ready to share a hug. But, unfortunately, the little pup has made it a norm to rush towards Caitlyn any moment she arrives home.

However, Caitlyn realized that everything wasn’t okay when she returned from a local grocery store and realized that Willow wasn’t around to give her a warm welcome she was used to.

Caitlyn later saw the sweet little pup huddled under her office desk. The pet owner’s concerns increased when Willow moved under the desk, presenting an edgy look as she barked nonstop.

The dog owner explained that Willow got a little defensive any time she was approached. That is when Caitlyn and her boyfriend noticed that the wall at the office desk area was strangely hot.

It emerged that the little dog had smelled out a life-threatening fire in the outlet on the wall in the region under the office desk. Caitlyn was lucky to get Willow’s message just at the right time.

Willow’s barking saved Caitlyn’s family from a looming catastrophe. The fire department later revealed that Caitlyn’s house would have gone up in flames overnight had they not identified the fire in time.

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Dog won\'t stop barking at plug — mom touches it and realizes everyone\'s in danger