Adorable dog sings while playing piano

On top of the piano keys, a dog places his front paws. He stands proud and full of confidence, prepared for another great performance. It’s just another day for him, and another song.

He begins to play the keys with slow intensity, reaching within himself for the song to sing. His howls start soft and are fully released into the world with clear intent and pure emotion.

Doing his best not to let his singing be louder than the piano, he continues to play different notes. At one point he stops for a moment, and he can’t help but smell something, a faint memory perhaps.

Performance must be given, and he can’t let himself get distracted, so he returns to the music. With each note he matches it with a howl, throwing his head back and closing his eyes.

There is no music sheet in front of him, all he needs to do is improvise. He lets the music come to him. He knows he’s not like other dogs, his talents are unique.

He knows that his performance can’t go on forever, but he is reluctant to end it. Every good song must finish, so he does his best to find the right notes to close his performance.

His paws reach for the last keys and then make their way to the floor, and he howls his last few notes. It was certainly a performance that he should be proud of.

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Adorable dog sings while playing piano