And then there’s Zeus… A tail of 2 doggos at the groomer’s

Vanessa de Prophetis of Girl With The Dogs shared a hilarious experience she had with two German Shepherds who came to her for a grooming session.

There was a six-month-old German Shepherd named Zena who was not at all shy about expressing her disdain for the grooming process. And then there was Zeus.

Compared to Zena, Zeus was like a Zen monk through his grooming session. While Zena wouldn’t stop howling about her predicament, Zeus took the whole experience like a champ. He even gave Vanessa kisses during his blow-drying.

The video alternates between Zena’s experience and Zeus’, with Vanessa punctuating each transition with the line “and then there’s Zeus.”

This became a funny catchphrase for the video with one user even suggesting that Vanessa print t-shirts that say “and then there’s Zeus.”

It’s only towards the end of the session when Vanessa brushes Zena’s coat and sprays her with a jelly bean-scented cologne, that Zena seems to calm down a bit. At this point, she must be too tired to protest any longer.

Hopefully one day Zena will realize the level of luxury she gets to experience thanks to Vanessa and will be more like Zeus in future grooming sessions. Either way, she’s 100% adorable.

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And then there’s Zeus… A tail of 2 doggos at the groomer’s