Cutest rescue kitten buzzes like a bee when she is happy

Aofie is a tiny rescue kitten who has so much energy that she sounds like a buzzing bee when she purrs. It was love at first sight for Shanta, Aofie’s foster mom.

When Aofie was rescued, she was incredibly tiny at 140 grams. She faced the obstacles of being sick and an orphan. Shanta could tell that Aofie was really hungry.

As soon as Shanta fed Aofie a bottle, she latched onto it right away. Aofie showed Shanta that she was a fighter and had the will to survive.

Shanta found out from the vet that Aofie had no feeling in her rear legs. Aofie was too young even to notice that there was something wrong.

There was no challenge that Aofie didn’t get past. Her mobility was poor, her muscle tone struggled, and she had to pull her entire body weight. It took time, but she became stronger.

Shanta was there every step, playing with Aofie to get her to focus on her toys. Aofie wanted to play, and after 11 weeks, she was running like lightning. She does all things normal cats do.

Aofie is pure joy, according to Shanta. She says that when you give an animal a chance to be loved, you see them blossom and develop into something beautiful.

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Cutest rescue kitten buzzes like a bee when she is happy