Duck hatched in unique incubator loves hanging out with his peafowl friend

A duckling named Wiggle was hatched in a manner that was not very typical. Alwyn Wils spent some time building a wearable incubator that he could keep on all day, even when doing physical activities.

He had it on for 29 days with an egg inside, and it finally started to hatch. A little yellow duckling came out, and that’s how Wiggle was born. The local media went crazy over the story.

Wiggle loves to be by Alwyn at all times because he incubated him. He used to sit in Alwyn’s lap when taking a trip in the car. Soon he made a new friend, a peafowl named India.

They both loved to hang out together, and they barely left Alwyn’s side. India has a terrible habit of overeating and not drinking enough water. Water is essential to helping them swallow their meals.

When Alwyn isn’t looking, India starts gasping for air. He opens her beak and finds her throat is blocked with food. Carefully he takes pieces out so she can eventually swallow what remains.

India survived the ordeal, and she was calm and sweet throughout the entire process. Now she could go back to hanging out with Wiggle. Alwyn loves to take them to his baby nephew so he can teach him about birds.

Wiggle and India love running around together hunting for food, and even cat food isn’t safe from them. The two birds are given regular baths and take turns cuddling with Alwyn.

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Duck hatched in unique incubator loves hanging out with his peafowl friend