Goats don’t like rain and form the cutest crowd for warmth

Goats aren’t a big fan of rain, and at Sun Creamery farm, they all rushed to find cover. Grey skies shrouded the pasture, and the rain drove the goats to gather.

The goats found a small shed for temporary shelter. Only a few didn’t seem to mind the rain at first, but the weather got worse, and they crowded the tiny structure.

Brown, black, and white was the new color of the shed filled with adult goats and their kids. The adults got inside first then the young ones quickly followed their lead.

Soon after they hid from the rain, the farmers called for them to move to the barn. A small entrance was opened at the side, so the goats didn’t have to go around the front.

The goats rushed toward the barn, and they tried to keep their faces dry by looking down. A small stampede of goats flooded into the tiny hole of the big barn.

Eventually, most of the goats were pleased with the space and shelter of the barn. The last one to enter was little Tui, who didn’t seem to hate the rain as much as the other goats.

With the goats all together, the sound of their bleating nearly drowned the downpour of rain which grew more vigorous. Thankfully all the goats were safe and sound.

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Goats don’t like rain and form the cutest crowd for warmth