Grownup Pitbull never stopped being daddy’s little girl.

Two Pitbulls named Annabelle and Norman have picked their favorite parents between Bobby and Danny. Annabelle is daddy’s little girl, and Norman is a mama’s boy.

Annabelle and Norman were littermates. They were part of a litter of twelve puppies that Bobby and Danny agreed to foster. Bobby fell in love with Annabelle right away.

On the other hand, Danny and their daughter bonded with Norman. According to Bobby, Annabelle is the prettiest dog with beautiful blue eyes. Annabelle was always kissing Bobby ever since she was a puppy.

The two Pitbulls had a special connection that they didn’t see at first. Annabelle would always find Norman among their twelve siblings when they were puppies.

Norman is a very curious giant goofball, while Annabelle is reserved. They have opposite personalities that complement each other well. Annabelle will try new things as long as she is given time to get comfortable.

Danny has loved Norman ever since she saw him. Norman would always cry until Danny held him. Norman would always be there to comfort Danny when they had a challenging year.

Pitbulls are one of the most lovable dog breeds, and if you treat them with love and make them your family, they will be the most incredible dog you will ever have.

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Grownup Pitbull never stopped being daddy\'s little girl.