Parrot and guitarist perform Billy Idol’s ‘Sweet Sixteen’

Tico, the singing parrot, performed Billy Idol’s ‘Sweet Sixteen’ with the help of his human friend Frank Maglio. Frank played the part of Steve Stevens, who was the lead guitarist for the song.

It is one of Frank’s favorite Steve Stevens performances, and he was excited to play it with Tico. The living room was their concert hall, and Tico used the table as his stage.

Behind Tico was Frank with his electric guitar, and as soon as he started strumming, Tico began singing. His voice was incredible and unexpected from a parrot so small.

Tico’s feathers were bright green, and his face was yellow. He was born to perform, and his singing was electrifying. Frank played flawlessly, and he watched Tico closely.

There was no denying that Tico was a fantastic performer. He walked around and turned while vocalizing as if he was in front of a crowd of fans.

Frank was Steve Stevens which meant that Tico was acting as Billy Idol. Tico whistled and belted out all the notes exceptionally well, and Billy Idol would have been impressed.

Frank smiled as he watched Tico have fun with their performance. He continued to play, and Tico sang beautifully until the end of the song. Together the both of them can perform anything.

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Parrot and guitarist perform Billy Idol\'s ‘Sweet Sixteen’