Rescue dog saves his tiny friend from drowning in a pool

Jessie, a rescue dog, saved a dog named Chucky, who had fallen into the pool. When Byron and Melissa got back home from an appointment, Chucky’s head was wet.

They were wondering why Chucky was moist, which wasn’t normal for him. Melissa decided to check the security camera footage, and they had the fright of their lives.

Chucky was a small dog, and he was dog-paddling in the pool to stay afloat. Jessie then appears and follows Chucky around the pool. She hates water and continues to pursue her friend anyway.

Water is being splashed around by Chucky, and Jessie tries not to be scared of it. Jessie kept trying to save him and was not leaving his side.

Byron and Melissa were very proud of Jessie as they watched the footage. Chucky is 13 years old and has been swimming for so long. It was also heart-wrenching for them to watch.

Several times, they thought Jessie had successfully pulled Chucky out, but he kept falling back in. It was a special moment when Jessie finally lifted an exhausted Chucky out of the pool.

Jessie got an award for her heroism from the place they adopted her. Melissa says that people underestimate dogs and the unconditional love they give to others.

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Rescue dog saves his tiny friend from drowning in a pool