Woman’s Pittie show the world what Pit Bulls can do

Pit Bulls can be the smartest, kindest dog breeds out there. Unfortunately, some people still make assumptions about these playful pups before they meet them. That was a common occurrence for Pirate and his mom.

On one visit to the park, one woman demanded that Pirate and his mom leave because he was a Pittie. The woman’s assumption could not have been farther off the mark.

On the drive home from the dog park, Pirate’s mom, Asha, was in tears about how she and her Pit Bull had been treated. “I really hope it changes,” said Asha.

Asha decided that she and her sweet boy would be part of changing the inaccurate assumptions people make about Pit Bulls. “Actions speak louder than words, so we started training,” said Asha.

“I was lucky enough to join a local group that shared our mission: promoting a positive image of Pit Bulls through training,” said Asha. “Which has honestly just strengthened our bond.”

Pirate achieved the “gold standard” of training certifications, and he loved every minute of his time with his mom. But Asha decided to take it a step further. “We entered the world of dog sports,” said Asha.

With each award Pirate won, Asha could see people’s attitudes toward Pitties changing. “The nicest part about sharing Pirate’s life online is hearing from all the people who now see Pitties in a new light,” said Asha.

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Woman’s Pittie show the world what Pit Bulls can do