Woman creates a bed for her dog using an old table

A woman shows how to create a fancy dog bed from an old table. For her royal pet and friend Lulu, she shows that she deserves only the bed.

The finished product is a four-poster bed that is painted with black and white sprites and spots. There is a headboard with a picture of her dog’s favorite toy. In the center is a pillow.

To start off you will need to flip the table upside down. Then take out the drawer so you can remove all the parts that don’t need to be part of the bed.

Once you put the drawer back in make sure it is flipped over so it can be used as storage. Inside can be all the treats and toys that your dog loves.

Add a base to the bed, the woman uses plywood for the top of the bed and cuts four pieces of wood to frame the sides. This is where the pillow will go.

Everything must be sanded down thoroughly so the dog doesn’t get any splinters. Before painting it you must put a stain blocker. She recommended using spray paint before it makes it much quicker.

Once you paint it the way you think your dog would like it, add any additional decorations then add the pillow/bed in the middle. Now your dog has a lovely regal bed.

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Woman creates a bed for her dog using an old table