Woman rescues special needs puppy, gives him his best life

Toby is a Yorkie with special needs that was going to be put down when he was a five-week-old puppy. Kit of Florida Yorkie Rescue took him because she believes every life is worth living.

She doesn’t wish Toby to be any different, and she believes that he is perfect the way he was born. Their organization takes care of dogs with special needs.

Toby has water in his brain, making his head much heavier than his body, and his back legs don’t work. Walkin’ Pets built him a custom wheelchair, and it was the smallest one they had ever made.

The kit found that Toby also has a problem with his gums. Toby has a feisty personality, and Kit can tell that he is happy. She will continue to take care of him as long as he is receptive to having a good life.

Tootsie was another dog that Kit had for 11 years. She had to be given injections every day for her entire life, so people told Kit to just put her down.

But Kit has a soft spot for underdogs and said that as long as they’re happy, she will give them as much as they need to live.

People offer to adopt Toby, but he will stay with Kit because she can devote herself to him, and he has his paws around her heart.

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Woman rescues special needs puppy, gives him his best life