Baby monkey BiBi and his Poodle invite ducklings over for tea

It is a clear and windy day in the field where Bibi, the baby monkey, hangs out with his Poodle friend and five yellow ducklings. They’re walking in line with the Poodle leading the way.

Thick tall trees are surrounding them, and the grass is lush and green. Bibi is wearing a blue shirt and chasing the Poodle while the ducklings roam around.

They all take a break to eat, and a giant watermelon is sliced for them. The fruit is bright red and incredibly juicy, and it is more than enough for all the babies.

The Poodle is the biggest of all the tiny creatures, and they happily feast on the watermelon. Some pieces are cut really small for the ducklings to enjoy.

Bibi cuddles with some of the ducklings as they eat their snack. The Poodle and one duckling playfully nibble at each other’s faces when they’re done eating. The rest of the ducklings haven’t gotten their fill yet.

While the Poodle is playing with the duckling, Bibi runs in and has fun hopping over the Poodle. After they’re all full, they go to relax on the grass.

Bibi wrestles with the Poodle, and the cute ducklings watch them. From below, Bibi tries to surprise his friend, but the Poodle won’t be caught unaware. It is an adorable scene all around.

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Baby monkey BiBi and his Poodle invite ducklings over for tea