Premature baby horse moves into rescuer’s kitchen and becomes feisty bucking bronco

baby horse

Catherine was surprised to find a baby horse on the field who was born one month early. The baby had not eaten, and they tried to get her mother to feed her.

Unfortunately, the mother rejected her. First-time moms sometimes don’t understand the situation. This particular mother was abused before she was rescued. Catherine knew the baby would have to eat or she wouldn’t make it.

She brought her home from the farm and called her Addie. The first few days, Addie slept on the floor beside Catherine, who slept on the couch. Addie was fed from a bottle every 30 minutes.

It was a long week with Addie, but three or four days later, she could finally get up on her own. Then she started running full of energy and excitement. The vet was shocked Addie was able to become so healthy.

Catherine had no space for a horse, so they kept Addie in the kitchen. They even gave her special shoes so she wouldn’t slip on the tiles. Addie caused a lot of messes by chewing everything.

At their home, they also have two dogs. One dog, Marlin, grew very close with Addie, and they loved playing together. Addie became more doglike than horselike, and Catherine took Addie up to the farm whenever she could.

Two months later, Addie has gotten better at connecting with other horses. It is incredible to see the difference between day one Addie and Addie now running around with other horses.

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Premature baby horse moves into rescuer\'s kitchen and becomes feisty bucking bronco