Dog can’t stop smiling when he’s riding his favorite horse

Emily’s dog Robin formed a very unique and surprising bond with her horse Teddy. It all started the first night that Emily brought Robin home. Robin was a tiny little puppy, and he met Teddy before meeting anyone else.

While Teddy and Robin were getting to know each other, Emily placed Robin on Teddy’s back. Teddy didn’t show any issues with this, and Robin wasn’t scared of being so high up.

Nowadays, Robin will take any opportunity he can to jump up on Teddy’s back. Everyone thinks it’s a trick Emily taught them, but Robin and Teddy worked it out all on their own.

Robin loves to ride Teddy, and Teddy thinks of him as her sidekick. Teddy is Robin’s mentor, and it took some time for Robin to realize that he wasn’t a horse.

Emily likes to describe Teddy as a giant puppy dog. It is great to see how Teddy is always watching out for Robin. After Emily is done riding Teddy, it is Robin’s turn next.

Sometimes Emily and Robin ride Teddy together. There are days where Robin and Teddy are outside in the cold, running around and taking turns chasing each other.

Robin and Teddy are an incredible duo, and their special relationship has brought so much more joy to Emily’s life. They love going on adventures together as a family.

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Dog can\'t stop smiling when he\'s riding his favorite horse