Sad cat gets adopted, goes home, and thinks, “Am I dreaming?!”

Sandra brought a sad cat home, and she heard him purr with joy and contentment for the first time in his life. The cat’s name was Bruce Willis, and she got him from the Animal Humane Society in Minnesota.

While browsing through social media, Sandra saw a video of Bruce in his kennel, and he looked despondent and in need of a home. Before being in a shelter, Bruce had been a tomcat for several years.

When Sandra arrived to see Bruce, he was in a tiny room. Bruce’s face looked tired, and he was very reserved and quiet. She could tell that he had lived a rough life.

There was no way that Sandra was going to go home without Bruce. She put a collar on him and brought him home in a carrier where he felt safe.

They arrived home, and Sandra let Bruce out of the carrier. He went exploring, and he looked curious and excited. Bruce’s eyes were wide for the first time.

Sandra stayed close to him so he would get used to her, and he laid down on a carpet. She petted him, and Bruce started to purr with pure happiness. He was finally home.

In the following days, he was spoiled with good food and treats. Bruce got to play with new toys and snuggle with Sandra all over the house. His life had changed forever.

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Sad cat gets adopted, goes home, and thinks, \