Cat keeps hissing at his new sister until she wins him over

Melvin is a blind cat who hissed at his new sister, Scout, who was also a blind cat. Jackie and Ellison had Melvin on his own for two years until they started fostering Scout.

Jackie received a video from Melvin’s former foster mom of Scout, that looked like Melvin’s long-lost sister. She agreed to foster Scout and hoped Melvin would get along with her.

Melvin was, in fact, not very pleased with the whole situation. Jackie saw Melvin was always a big ball of rage. He made a lot of angry noises and hissed at Scout constantly.

Scout crashed Melvin’s party and ruined all his boxes. Since they were both blind, they always walked into each other by accident. Scout would try to submit to him, but he continued to bully her.

Months later, Melvin was still hostile to Scout, and Jackie was worried they would have to return her. They wanted to keep her, and thankfully one day, Melvin started to sniff Scout gently.

Both cats started sitting near each other and playing separately but in close proximity. It almost happened overnight that Melvin and Scout suddenly became friendly.

Melvin started to groom Scout, and their relationship changed. They had a bond like an older brother and younger sister. Jackie and Ellison were lucky and grateful that things turned around.

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Cat keeps hissing at his new sister until she wins him over