Sick stray dog is rescued and transforms into a pretty puppy

There was a stray dog found on a porch full of scabs, and after he was rescued, he transformed into a big goofball. Lisa Chiarelli and Lisa Arturo responded to a citizen’s call for help.

The phone call stated that a dog was wandering around the neighborhood. People were throwing rocks at the dog to get him to leave the area.

Chiarelli and Arturo drove over straight away and spent several hours looking for the dog. They were heartbroken when they couldn’t find him and asked the lady who called them to leave a blanket out for the dog.

Soon after, they received a call that the dog was in the blanket. On the front porch of a home, the dog was curled up. Chiarelli and Arturo saw that he was covered in scabs and infections.

The sick dog’s eyes could barely be seen, and his face was sunken. They put a leash around him and led him out with chicken. It was vital that the dog be taken to the vet as soon as possible.

When they got him to the vet, the bloodwork showed he needed all sorts of treatments. After his bath, he looked much better, and his tail wagged.

Eventually, he was adopted by a new family where he fit seamlessly. His scabs and sickness were gone, and they believed he was a perpetual puppy because he was so silly and full of life.

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Sick stray dog is rescued and transforms into a pretty puppy