Piglets love to climb on Great Dane inside of his crate

Hodor is a Great Dane who has piglets climb on top of him whenever he’s resting in his crate. Adri Rachelle of Wild Things Sanctuary took in Hodor after his owners surrendered him to her.

It was an overwhelming experience for Hodor when he first arrived at his new home. There were no fences or leashes, and he was free to run wherever he pleased.

The first animals Hodor got to know were the mini cows. They licked each other’s faces through the fence, and ever since then, Hodor has been wonderful to all the animals he met.

Adri was surprised by Hodor’s interaction with the 2-week-old piglets she took in. The piglets had been abandoned by their mother, and Adri decided to step in and help them.

Great Danes get bloated when they eat, so Hodor rests in his crate after every meal he has. One day, Adri found the piglets had squeezed into Hodor’s crate.

The piglets had not only broken in, but they were also climbing on top of Hodor. At first, Hodor was confused, but he welcomed them and started to sniff them.

It was routine for the piglets to race to Hodor’s crate and cuddle with him. Hodor even helps them climb on top of him. Adri was inspired to adopt another Great Dane named Duncan, thanks to Hodor.

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Piglets love to climb on Great Dane inside of his crate