Gigantic dog loves playing with her “space cadet” sister

When deciding whether or not to integrate a romantic partner into your life, it is natural to consider their pets. When Claire started dating Dom, she did not know what to think of his Borzoi, Abby.

“I was like, ‘This is the weirdest dog I’ve ever met,’” said Claire. When it came to Abby, there was a lot to consider. For one thing, Abby was the size of a baby horse.

With time, Claire grew to love the giant pup. “It took some time, but she really grew on me,” she said. But not long after Claire grew accustomed to Abby, the couple added another pup to their household, a dog named Cleo.

Abby might have stood taller than her Silken Windhound sister, Cleo. But when it came to personalities, the long and lean Cleo was a giant. “[Cleo] very much likes to push the limits of rules, where Abby is more lethargic,” said Dom.

When Cleo arrived at their home, Claire and Dom hoped that she and Abby would be close. “But Cleo was just this complete space cadet,” said Claire. “[She] did not care about Abby.”

Fortunately, the two dogs found common ground when it came to playing. “If we’re like out on a hike or outside, they love each other,” said Claire. “But if they’re not playing, and food’s not involved, they really have their own spaces.”

As eccentric as their two pups were, Dom and Claire could not be happier about their place in their family. “[Abby] is the heart and soul of this family,” said Claire. “And then Cleo is the comic relief, and they’re perfect.”

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Gigantic dog loves playing with her “space cadet” sister