The cutest baby rescue cow loves to chase his dog sibling

John Lewis was a baby rescue cow who became best friends with a dog named Sky. Ellie Laks, the founder of The Gentle Barn, remembers how Sky and Lewis were once the same size.

When Lewis was first brought to the sanctuary, he was a week old and extremely sick. He was an orphan with a high fever, and everyone worked to save his life.

Sky was always there to protect Lewis. He laid down next to him to soothe him. Much love and care were poured into Lewis, who healed because of this.

Once Lewis could go outside, his relationship with Sky indeed took off. Ellie noticed Lewis making noises that only a happy cow can produce. Upon hearing that sound, she knew Lewis was going to make it.

Ellie then halter-trained Lewis to go around the property and meet the other animals. It was vital for him to acclimate to the other cows, and Sky was with him every step of the way.

Sky showed Lewis that he could trust the other animals and the cows especially. At a year and nine months, Lewis weighed a thousand pounds, and their size difference meant he played with Sky more gently.

Their love is still strong, if not stronger than before. Ellie is grateful whenever she watches them and hopes that people can learn from them. They may have differences, but they don’t see that at all.

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The cutest baby rescue cow loves to chase his dog sibling