The cutest little lamb is obsessed with his mom’s coworker

Graham, the lamb, was obsessed with his mom’s coworker and never left her alone at the office. Megan is Graham’s mother, and she brought him to work daily during his recovery period.

All of Megan’s coworkers fell in love with Graham from the first day she brought him in. Graham bonded most with Britney, and they spent every lunch break together.

Britney would sit down on the floor with Graham until he got exhausted playing with her. Megan said that Graham saw her as his mom, so he didn’t want to be rough with her.

Two months ago, when Megan first got Graham, he was in a lot of pain because one of his legs was broken. He went through surgery and started to go wild when he was recovering.

Taking Graham to work was the best way to keep an eye on him so he didn’t hurt himself after major surgery. Every afternoon he slept in his pen after playing with Britney during lunch.

Several months later, Megan started taking Graham outside when the vets said he was healthy. Graham loved exploring the outdoors, and he befriended two sheep named Olive and Squirt.

Olive, Squirt, and Graham became a bonded trio. After Megan stopped bringing Graham to work, Britney began asking her for updates about the cutest little lamb.

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The cutest little lamb is obsessed with his mom’s coworker