Rescue Pit Bull loves riding the car and visiting McDonald’s

Cocoa Bean is a rescue Pit Bull who learned to love car rides after she was treated to McDonald’s every time. Laura was Cocoa Bean’s foster mom, who found her by a dumpster.

It was heartbreaking for Laura because she saw Cocoa was frozen with fear as she approached her. Once Laura could pet Cocoa’s head, she put a leash around her.

Cocoa still wouldn’t move, so Laura picked her up and brought her to her car. After arriving home, Cocoa remained motionless, and for two weeks, Laura carried her around like a baby.

Laura hated seeing Cocoa be so afraid, and she wanted to make her happy. According to Laura, when a child doesn’t want to do something, you can encourage them by offering McDonald’s as a treat.

That’s what Laura did, she treated Cocoa like a child, and it worked perfectly. Cocoa enjoyed her first burger, and she started looking forward to getting in the car ten rides later.

Laura finally saw Cocoa start to open up, and Cocoa was happily jumping into the car every time they went out. Cocoa’s personality flourished thanks to Laura.

Now, Laura cannot wait for Cocoa to find her forever home. She knows Cocoa deserves a life of happiness because she is such a sweet and special dog.

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Rescue Pit Bull loves riding the car and visiting McDonald’s