Rescue cow acts like the largest 1-ton baby with his mom

Francisco is a rescue cow who acts like a 1-ton baby who wants all the attention of his mom, Luiza. He is very good at getting what he wants and loves giving kisses to Luiza.

Luiza saved Francisco from a dairy farm that was about to send him to the slaughterhouse. Francisco was scared of humans at first, but he slowly warmed up to Luiza in time.

Watching him run free for the first time was one of the happiest moments for Luiza to witness. Francisco would run up to her and push others away so he could have cuddles all to himself.

Things changed after Luiza rescued a baby pig named Martin. He was saved from the meat industry, and his legs were broken after being stepped on by other pigs.

Francisco knew that Martin was exceptional, and he treated Martin with extra care. It was almost as if Francisco wanted to help Martin walk, and Luiza saw how big Francisco’s heart was.

Martin learned from Francisco and started demanding attention from Luiza as well. Eventually, Martin and Francisco learned to share all the love. They discovered that with cuddles, the more, the merrier.

Francisco cuddles with everyone now, and he is incredibly gentle with the babies they rescue. He has a lot of love to give, and Luiza is honored to be Francisco’s favorite among all his friends.

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Rescue cow acts like the largest 1-ton baby with his mom