Adorable Corgi thanks her mom by howling while she eats

Most dogs love their food, but Devon Noehring’s Corgi, Willo, adored food more than anything else. Whenever Willo took a bite, she could not stop herself from letting her mom know.

The first time Willo howled while she was eating, Devon thought something might be wrong. “I first noticed her howl when she was about three or four months old,” said Devon. “She was eating breakfast. She did it once. And I was like, ‘What was that?’”

Devon watched her pup, worried that the little one might have been choking. But the Corgi continued to eat. Then, Willo did it a second time. “It surprised me,” Devon said.

After that day, the puppy did not stop howling while she ate. When Devon shared a video of her goofy pup’s dining ritual, people could not get enough of the adorable video.

Meal times were not the only times of the day when Willo made sure her feelings were heard. “Willo’s very sassy, and she just has a huge personality,” said Devon. “She’s really loud when she wants attention.”

As Willo got older, she howled less frequently than she did as a puppy, but whenever she vocalized, it still made Devon smile. “Now that she’s an adult dog, she will eat and then come find me and howl at me.”

Willo was a dog who knew how to enjoy the simple things in life. Watch her adorable video as she grows up and continues to howl her gratitude to her loving mom.

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Adorable Corgi thanks her mom by howling while she eats