Outdoor cat decides his neighbor is his new mom

Many fur parents will agree that their fur babies chose them and not the other way around. There is no better example of that phenomenon than this outdoor cat who chose a neighbor as his new mom.

While walking into her house one day, Kaitlin realized she had a friend following her. That friend was her next-door neighbor’s outdoor cat, Larry. “He just started following me every single day,” said Kaitlin.

Sometimes cats can be coy with strangers, but that was not the case with Larry. “He was very adamant that we were gonna be friends,” said Kaitlin. Larry would crawl into her lap and give her aggressively loving headbutts.

Kaitlin knew Larry belonged to her neighbor, but she could not help but love her new feline friend. “I was just super excited that he latched onto me,” said Kaitlin. He followed Kaitlin everywhere she went.

If Kaitlin opened the door to her car, he would jump inside, and when it was time for Kaitlin to go inside, Larry would try to sneak past the door. But one day, Larry showed up outside of her door, and he was hurt.

The veterinarian confirmed that a car had hit Larry. When Kaitlin got home, she walked to her neighbor’s house and asked if she could adopt Larry and make him an indoor cat.

Larry’s old mom agreed it was probably best for him, and he officially moved in with his new mom. What a sweet ending for this adorable kitty and his new family!

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Outdoor cat decides his neighbor is his new mom