Cat’s favorite thing in the world is to shower with her mom

Pym may be one of the only cats in the world that love to shower. When Katie steps into the bath, Pym will already be there or follow her.

Katie never taught Pym to like or enjoy the water. It was a huge surprise to her when Pym suddenly stepped under the running water. When Katie is in her bathrobe, Pym runs to the bathroom and waits for her.

After the first time, Katie didn’t think Pym would continue because she thought Pym was just a quirky kitten. Then she realized everything about cats hating water did not apply to Pym.

Pym doesn’t test the waters or dip her toes. She goes straight into the shower. Katie asked her mom about Pym’s behavior, and Katie’s mom confirmed that it was pretty strange.

Since then, Katie has been showering with the door open, so Pym can come in and out whenever she wants. Katie tried to see what other water Pym would like.

Pym did not like the kiddie pool or outdoor shower. It seemed that Pym only enjoyed taking a shower in the bathroom. For drying off, Pym hates towels, but she loves being in a robe.

Katie got rubber duckies for Pym to play with in the bath. Pym has a special place in Katie’s heart, and she has been a part of her life for so long.

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Cat’s favorite thing in the world is to shower with her mom