Service dog learns how to play from his kitten sibling

Dogs are capable of fantastic things. Whether firefighters or emotional support animals, our canine companions take their jobs seriously. Unfortunately, this service dog took his job too seriously and forgot he deserved to have fun.

Samson struggled to make friends at doggy daycare, and when he went to the dog park, all he wanted to do was stand by his mom’s side. As a service dog, he was likely trained to avoid distractions, so letting loose was not in his repertoire.

But all of that changed when he met his feline sibling, Cleo. The second he met the little one, the interaction felt different. He wagged his tail and sniffed his new friend.

Then, Samson did something he had never done before. He started playing. Samson brought balls to Cleo and played with the cat every chance he could get. Even when his younger sibling batted at him, he could not have been happier.

The cat and dog duo shared more than a love for playing. Samson loved giving the kitten kisses and affection. And when Samson and Cleo were exhausted from a day of play, the two of them cuddled together for nap time.

Samson was with the kitten every step of the way. When Cleo struggled to adjust to walking with a harness, the compassionate service dog gave the kitten a ride on his back.

But that was not the only new arrival in Samson’s life. Sometime after his kitten sibling arrived, his parents gave him a baby sister named Lea. Thanks to Cleo, Samson was prepared to be the best big brother a kid could ask for.

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Service dog learns how to play from his kitten sibling