Guinea pig and turtle buddies take snacking to a whole new level

Guinea pig and turtle

A cute and energetic guinea pig and an adorable, shy turtle provided a fantastic ASMR mukbang experience. Blueberries were placed in front of the turtle, and a mic was set up right above him.

The turtle stares at the berries, and he is interrupted by a guinea pig who rushes in. The guinea pig starts happily eating the berries. Meanwhile, on the side, the turtle watches.

You can hear each nibble and crunch as the guinea pig enjoys his meal without slowing down. The turtle retreats into his shell whenever the guinea pig looks at him.

The guinea pig enjoys his feast and leaves once he finally feels full. At this moment, the shy turtle comes out of his shell and enjoys peace and quiet.

He finally starts munching on the blueberries. Every slow bite of the turtle is captured on the sensitive mic. The berries are moist and scrumptious, and some of the juices drip down the side of his mouth.

With the guinea pig nowhere in sight, the turtle takes his time to enjoy the meal. He couldn’t keep up with the energy of his furry friend, but now he had the food all to himself.

While the turtle is undoubtedly a slower eater than the guinea pig, this means he gets to enjoy his meal for longer. His eyes are wide with every bite he takes of the delicious berries.

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Guinea pig and turtle buddies take snacking to a whole new level