11 miniature ponies are surprised with pool filled with 30,000 balls

Miniature ponies are surprised

11 miniature ponies had a great day when their friend Emma Massingale surprised them with a pool full of 30,000 balls. Emma is a horse trainer who loves to treat her horses with all her love and attention.

The skies were clear, and the sun was bright when Emma started carrying the boxes full of balls near the pool. All the ponies stood around, wondering what was going on.

After carrying the many boxes, she starts to empty the balls into the pool. The balls have varied colors from orange, grey, blue, black, and white, and some of them matched the colors of the ponies.

It is a rather large pool and certainly a lot of balls. She takes a while to get all the balls inside, then makes sure to spread them out as evenly as possible.

Once she is finally done, she lets the miniature ponies inside. They immediately have fun in the ball pool. The ponies run around, kicking the balls into the air.

The cat joins as well. Emma sits and plays with the ponies before giving them some time alone. Some of the ponies enjoy rolling around and stretching in the pool.

With their noses and hoofs, the ponies dug through the balls to reveal the grass underneath them. Their favorite activity seemed to be running around the ball pool in circles.

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11 miniature ponies are surprised with pool filled with 30,000 balls