Woman rescues and feeds hundreds of island puppies every single day

On an island in the Caribbean, Katlin has rescued and helped hundreds of puppies and dogs. It began when she realized there was an overpopulation crisis in her home.

Wherever she looked, there were always groups of malnourished dogs. Katlin tried contacting veterinarians for help, but they couldn’t do anything for her. After that, she took matters into her own hands.

Katlin considers herself to be very lucky because her full-time job is saving dogs. In the morning, she heads out, responding to any calls requesting her help.

There is always more to rescue, and she helps strays wherever she finds them. Later in the day, after rescuing, Katlin moves on to feeding time. She visits several areas to give food to the strays.

Everywhere, many underweight dogs spend their entire day looking for food. Mom dogs have it the hardest because they need to feed themselves and their puppies.

After Katlin feeds the dogs, she visits the center, the only shelter that houses dogs and puppies. The center has been a big supporter of what she has been doing on the island.

Katlin is happy to see puppies but is also devastated by the island’s problem. She says it is not an easy task, but it is something she chooses to do every day when she wakes up.

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Woman rescues and feeds hundreds of island puppies every single day