Happy the rescued sparrow believes that he is a dog

Happy the rescued sparrow

On the street a young Sparrow only the day-old was injured, a scab on his beak ate away at the top and also his sinuses. He was saved by a heroic human lady who took him to the vet.

Due to his injuries, the doctor said that he had to be euthanized unless someone were to take him in. The woman did not hesitate for a moment and brought him into her home.

She named him Happy because his beak bent upward, causing him to look like he is smiling all the time. There was a dog in her home too but he died soon after Happy arrived.

Happy was determined not to let his hero be sad, so he gave her all his love and affection. She responded well, and they became best friends.

They do everything together and when he started building a nest she even cut the string from her new hoodie that he wanted. He didn’t mean for it to happen but he somehow developed the personality of a dog.

It was probably the way the woman raised him, with lots of cuddles and pets. Rarely are they ever far apart. He tucks himself into his own bed and he loves to meet new people.

Without her, Happy would not be where he is today. Flying around a lovely home, he couldn’t be more thankful to be part of a caring and loving family.

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Happy the rescued sparrow believes that he is a dog