Precious otter has non-stop fun with flying propeller toy

Kotaro the otter kept his eyes wide open, keeping all his focus on the toy propeller in his human friend’s hand. It was going to launch into the air again, he just knew it would.

As soon as it would fly Kotaro did his best to follow it with his eyes while darting across the room swiftly. He found it most of the time, but sometimes he needed help when it fell in weird places.

The human asked him to bring it back, but he also loved to hold it and chew it. He did get treats for returning it and his otter friend Hana knew about this as well.

Hana did try to participate, but Kotaro was light and faster than her. He enjoyed the contest and didn’t feel bad for beating her every time. He knew she would get treats anyway.

Kotaro was right, Hana rolled on her back looking up at the human. Her cute and charming self was enough to convince him to give her a treat. It didn’t bother Kotaro though, he simply kept playing.

Then the best thing happened when the human started launching the toy towards the floor. It would spin so fast running across the ground. Kotaro had even more fun when it was moving within his reach.

It was a great day spent in the living room. Kotaro even started putting the toys in one of the human slippers. He knew his friend would certainly appreciate it.

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Precious otter has non-stop fun with flying propeller toy