Kitten becomes best friends with wild deer who visit her back yard

Kitten with wild deer

At six weeks old, Monkey the kitten melted everyone’s hearts with his cuteness and love for cuddles. His owner Lorrie called him a snuggle bug, and Monkey adored all the animals in their home.

Lorrie first got Monkey because her cat Mango had a sister who recently passed away. Mango was really close to his sister and missed her dearly, and Lorrie hoped a new kitten could cheer him up.

While all the animals, from the dogs to deers, quickly fell in love with Monkey, it took some time for Mango to warm up to him. Eventually, Mango and Monkey were inseparable.

When Monkey was young, he was very clingy to Lorrie and would ride on her shoulder when they went out on a hike. Now that he is bigger, he loves to roam around on his own.

Mango and Monkey are great hiking buddies, and they are always playing around together. Whenever Buttons the deer comes to visit with her babies, Monkey greets them joyfully.

He wasn’t scared of anything, and when he saw Buttons for the first time, he just cuddled up against her. All the animals in Lorrie’s home love each other and have a special bond.

Lorrie says they got Monkey so Mango could have joy, but Monkey actually brought joy to everyone in her home.

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Kitten becomes best friends with wild deer who visit her back yard