Rescued half-blind Cockatiel loves everyone she meets

Rescued Cockatiel

Ginger is a half-blind Cockatiel who wants to be friends with everyone she meets. Donna has been rescuing birds for years and welcomed Ginger into her family with open arms.

For a few years, Ginger was with Donna’s friend Kelly. She had been trying to get a family to adopt Ginger, but there wasn’t a right fit. So Kelly finally asked Ginger, and she accepted.

Apparently, when Ginger was with her original family, she had never been taken out of her cage. Ginger has such a big heart that Donna can’t imagine how anyone could have trouble bonding with her.

They live in Hawaii, and they rescue all kinds of birds. Ginger is friends with everyone and is very trusting. At Donna’s home, they have a special bird room that the birds can be free in.

Ginger additionally has beak weakness which means she can’t break nuts or other food that normal Cockatiels can. But that hasn’t stopped her from being happy and healthy.

Donna’s family also takes care of butterflies. There was one butterfly named Dot that Ginger was very fascinated with. Ginger was always by her side until she passed away.

According to Donna, her husband isn’t a bird person, but he has a strong bond with Ginger. When he went on a trip, Ginger was deeply sad that he wasn’t around.

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Rescued half-blind Cockatiel loves everyone she meets