Senior dog is adopted after ten years with no real home

When Kat thought about adopting a senior German Shepherd named Alaska, she didn’t know how much it would mean to her. Alaska changed her life forever. Unfortunately, most senior dogs don’t end up getting adopted.

At the shelter, when Alaska saw Kat, she begged her to take her home with her. Alaska looked so defeated, and the first few hours were indeed not easy.

As a senior dog who wasn’t raised well, Alaska was easily startled, and she didn’t act like an average dog. Kat gave her a bath, and Alaska was so tired that she fell asleep in the tub.

It was a challenging journey, and Kat knew there was no turning back no matter how difficult it got. Kat stayed by Alaska’s side day and night. One day while on a walk, Alaska pulled on the leash with more strength than before.

Things were looking up for Alaska, and Kat was amazed by her immense will to live. She knew they were starting from scratch, and she was happy with that.

Every day Alaska was becoming more open and learned what it meant to experience freedom and true happiness. Alaska finally got to live the joyful life of a dog.

Kat could not believe what she went through for Alaska. Her limits were tested, and after everything, she believes that everyone’s limits stretch farther than they think it does. She cried tears of joy when Alaska ran alongside her one day.

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Senior dog is adopted after ten years with no real home