Pittie welcomes two new kittens after losing her two cat friends

Dog and cat

Mary, Zach, and their pittie Bellini love to foster cats in their home. They once had two cats named Pinot and Schnapps that Bellini was determined to become best friends with.

Pinot was previously abused, so you would have to work to earn her love. One day they brought Pinot to the vet, and they found a mass. Schnapps showed signs of lymphoma.

It was a difficult time in their household. Bellini could sense they were sick, and she acted like a very different dog. She would stay next to Pinot and Schnapps and be calmer than usual.

Schnapps passed away peacefully, with Bellini and Pinot resting near her. Bellini gave Pinot a gentle kiss before Pinot passed away, which was something they never did.

After that, Bellini waited for Pinot, but they had to tell her she wasn’t coming. Bellini grew anxious and always had to be near Zach or Mary. Eventually, they knew it was time to start fostering again.

They got two new kittens named Grappa and Scotch. Both of them immediately warmed up to Bellini, and she became their mentor and nanny. Grappa comforted Bellini quite often.

Bellini can be aggressive when grooming. Mary had to hold her breath when Bellini stuck Grappa’s entire head in her mouth, and it turned out that Grappa loved it.

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Pittie welcomes two new kittens after losing her two cat friends