Shy donkey gets love and kisses from playful Pittie

Shy donkey and playful Pittie

Jennifer was extremely surprised by the friendship formed between her Pit Bull Oakley and her donkey Wendell. It got to the point where Oakley loved to lick Wendell’s face and ears.

Usually, Wendell doesn’t let anyone touch his face. In the morning, Oakley races off to join Jennifer when she goes to the barn. Wendell and Oakley eat breakfast together.

Oakley would happily take the grain that Wendell drops for him from his morning meals. Then they would play together outside. When Jennifer first got Wendell, she was told that he was wary of people and dogs.

Naturally, she was worried and didn’t know how he would adjust. Oakley loved everybody and didn’t care that Wendell was different. Jennifer lets them sort it out when a new animal comes, and she doesn’t keep them separated.

Jennifer realized that their friendship was rather unusual when they started playing together. The playfulness was instigated by Oakley, who was always full of energy.

Wendell would run when he saw Oakley sprinting around, and then he would get frustrated because he couldn’t get under the fences as Oakley could.

They were like two kids trying to show off and one-up each other. Jennifer said that their friendship brought tears to her eyes. She didn’t know that she needed a Pit Bull and donkey in her life.

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Shy donkey gets love and kisses from playful Pittie