This friendly Friesian horse meets his neighbor cows to say hello

Apollo is a pure-breed Friesian horse that is said to be a nice ride for beginners. Though he looks so tall and intimidating, rest assured that he is friendly to animals and humans.

He enjoys staying outdoors freely, running around the ranch, and enjoying the beautiful meadow. He is such a lovely horse who happens to live in a beautiful region.

Aside from the fun part, Apollo is also a very gorgeous horse. His stance is so masculine, and he really does walk as an alpha. When he runs, you will clearly see that he is not your typical horse. He can attract everyone’s attention, both humans and other animals.

In one of his famous videos, you will see that this horse comes close to a herd of cows from afar. It’s as if Apollo wants to greet them all a good day.

However, the cows were all stunned upon seeing how elegant and beautiful the horse was. They literally stared at him for a brief moment as if they saw a famous celebrity in front.

You will also see in the clip how Apollo loves getting the attention of everyone. The moment he realizes they were all starstruck, that’s the time when he flexes his stance more.

Apollo is indeed one of the most gorgeous horses in that barn. He is the tall, dark, and handsome version of a horse.

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This friendly Friesian horse meets his neighbor cows to say hello