Cute toddler tries to scold stubborn Malamute, who won’t leave her bed

Two adorable malamutes named Teddy and Niko stood outside a baby’s crib relaxing, but Teddy had mischievous plans. Teddy leaned over the edge of the crib and jumped inside.

Amelia, the crib owner, walked over and was appalled to see the massive Teddy on top of her bed. Meanwhile, Teddy was enjoying the tight space and circled around.

There wasn’t a lot of room for him to maneuver, and Amelia’s mom tells her to reprimand Teddy. Amelia tries to scold Teddy, but he doesn’t listen to her cute voice.

Teddy continues being naughty and gets even more comfortable. Over on the side, Niko sits on a table watching everything unfold, and she isn’t being helpful.

Amelia gives up getting Teddy out of the crib, so she strolls over to her tiny pink piano and starts playing. Teddy lays down and acts as if he has done nothing wrong.

Niko leaves, and Milo, the cat, arrives on the scene. Milo scolds Teddy with her paw, and Amelia’s mom tells her not to do that. But it helps convince Teddy to listen.

Teddy finally jumps out of the crib, and when Amelia sees that he is gone, she approaches the crib. She tries to climb inside but can only hang from the edge of it.

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Cute toddler tries to scold stubborn Malamute, who won\'t leave her bed